Is health insurance mandatory?

Health insurance is meant to cover the cost of an insured person’s medical expenses. In some cases, the insured person will be required to pay for the hospital bills from his pocket and then the insurance company reimburses him while other insurance providers prefer to pay the bills directly to the hospital.

Healthcare insurance is considered to be every citizen’s right and is normally provided by the state alongside the police, public education, street lighting, road network and general public service. In other countries however, health insurance is not viewed as such. Every individual is expected to take care of his/her own health insurance except some certain groups like the elderly, people living with disabilities among others. In the USA for example health insurance has been made mandatory for every citizen and the state has even introduced penalties for people who don’t take a policy.

It is key to bear in mind that every one of us will require medical attention that may weigh much on our pockets. In such an event it would be helpful if the patient can concentrate on getting better rather than worrying about where they are going to get money for the hospital bill. It is therefore of great importance, for all individuals to purchase health insurance, even where it is not mandatory.

There are two types of health insurance. The first one is the public health insurance. This is health insurance cover that is provided by the government and may not necessarily require the insured to be contributing monthly premiums. A good example would be the NHS in UK which is a basic universal kind of health coverage for all citizens.

Examples of other public health insurance covers would be the Medicare in USA which is a federal insurance program for the disabled and people above the age of 65 years. Medicaid is also another health insurance cover in USA and it is funded by the national government in conjunction with individual states.

Public health insurance is lauded for several reasons. It is argued that public health insurance promotes equity and easy access to all citizens even those who are considered poor or disadvantaged in one way or another. Public health insurance also pays attention to different disparities that may be realistic in offering insurance coverage such as geographic among others.

Public health insurance also pays more attention to preventive care as well as public health services ensuring that everyone gets healthcare without hidden incentives. This also translates in to an extensive network of health care centers where individuals can access medical attention.

The other pro of public health insurance that cannot be ignored is the fact that it is managed and administered based on political legislation and direction. This provides for accountability and a commitment to providing public health services without other vested interests.

The flexibility of public health insurance is another pro that would make t look most appropriate. This is in the sense that there is availability of extensive infrastructure and access to tax revenue that guarantees availability of essential services at all times.

The other type of health insurance cover is the private health insurance. This is the most common type of insurance in many countries. It is estimated that 58% of Americans rely on private health insurance.

This type of insurance is more customers oriented and most of the time will provide personalized care to every individual that is insured. They pay more attention to customer comfort and care.

Another aspect of private health insurance is the fact that they are quick to adapt to changing market conditions and trend. They are also quick to include latest technology and infrastructure to guarantee best health care services to their clients.

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