Privacy Policy

This policy is meant to let you know that we do collect information from you, let you know what we do with the information we collect as well as to provide an assurance to you that we respect your information and as such (referred to herein as the provider, we, the site, or us) will not share or expose your information. We are committed to protect your information to the highest possible extent.

Once in a while we may request our users to participate in online marketing campaigns. We may also require you to request for quotes on insurance products. By agreeing to use our site, you hereby commit to the terms as follows:

Your use, registration and visitation on our site imply that you accept the terms set in this policy. The site reserves the right to change the policy at any given time without notice. Your continued use of the site indicates your commitment to the changes. It is your responsibility to keep checking the site for updates or changes to this policy.

This privacy policy will cover the following:

  • What information that could identify you is collected by the site or by the different services we offer.
  • How the site uses all the information that we collect from our users.
  • With whom does the site share the information with?

The information that this site collects from our users will be used for the following purposes:

  • To provide a confirmation of your contract with us for the use of the services.
  • To provide you with the services you require from us.
  • To give awards to users who participate in contests.
  • To improve our services.
  • To help us tailor make pages and services packages for you
  • To send updates, promotional information and materials and to send newsletters.

Who do we share information with?

  • The information we collect may be shared with a third party sellers like data storage and processing centers, which we use to support our services. However we ensure that the third parties we deal with also commit to similar obligations as those contained in our privacy policy.
  • When required by law we also may be forced to disclose name(s) of winners on our site.
  • When necessary we may also share information about you in regards to compliance with the law like in the case of an order from the court, complying with a subpoena or any other government authority in a bid to prevent harm to others or even to yourself.
  • Only with your permission will we share your information with other companies who may market their services and products to you.
  • We may also share, with your permission, information regarding your demographics for marketing purposes by third parties.
  • In the event that we sell or transfer all or a substantial share of our stock to a different entity, we may disclose your information to the new entity. You will receive an email notification to inform you incase this happens. You will also be notified by way of a prominent notice on our website about change of ownership as well as the choices you may have relating to your personal information.

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